DAB+ Digital Radio


DABBOX FRONTThe main advantages of Digital Radio (DAB+) compared to FM are:

  • clearer, static-free reception – especially in stereo.
  • better sound quality.
  • more national stations can be received, including stations that cannot currently be received on FM.
  • easier to use, and station information.
  • artist’s name and song title displayed.

Digital Radio (DAB+) can be listened to free of charge by everyone, without a subscription, cable, decoder, smartcard or extra costs. A radio fitted with a DAB+ tuner is required in order to be able to receive digital radio (DAB+). Digital Radio is the future of radio and, in many countries throughout the world, FM’s intended successor.

Perfectpro has years of experience with Digital Radio (DAB+) in many countries, including Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Great Britain and Australia. Perfectpro was the first company to sell a DAB+ jobsite radio and now produces a unique range of jobsite radios. All Perfectpro Digital Radios are also suitable for FM reception, so that you can always choose between DAB+ or FM, depending on your local reception situation.



Here are the Perfectpro jobsite radios that are ideal for DAB+ reception.