Batteries C (6 pieces)

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Set suitable for ROCKMATE 2 and ROCKPRO 2

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  • Size C (HR14)
  • 1,2 Volt
  • NiMH
  • Capacity per battery 4000 mAh
Frequently asked questions

Important information relating to the use of rechargeable batteries. 

Batteries’ life and lifespan are greatly influenced by correct use. 

  1. Switch the charge switch in the battery compartment to the charge position.
  2. When using the first time: charge the new batteries in one go, without interruption, until they are full.  This first charge will last longer than a normal charge. For a longer battery life it best to subsequently always charge the batteries until they are completely full.
  3. New batteries will only reach their full capacity after a number of use cycles (discharge-charge). 
  4. If used regularly, leave the entire group of batteries in the radio and do not use them for other purposes. Nor should some of the batteries be removed and used for something else, otherwise a mixture of (fully) charged and (partially) discharged batteries will result.
  5. Charge batteries in an ambient temperature that is between 5 and 35 degrees C. The batteries cannot be fully charged in a higher or lower temperature. In very low temperatures of less than 5 degrees C the batteries’ capacity will be considerably lower than it is at room temperature. 
  6. Given the batteries’ high capacity, charging from “empty” to “full” can take some time and the temperature can increase slightly.
  7. Do not charge batteries if the radio is warm or is exposed to the heat or heat sources.
  8. It is recommended that the batteries’ metal contacts and those of the charger in the radio be cleaned from time to time using a contact spray, for example.
  9. Batteries should certainly be charged once every 2 months. Not using rechargeable batteries for a long time considerably shortens their life.
  10. Batteries, being consumables, do not fall under the same warranty as the radio.

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