WiFi Internet Radio

“Tougher than the rest”

The increasing availability of the internet, WiFi and unlimited data everywhere means that the age of portable WiFi internet radio is here.

Perfectpro, the leader in professional jobsite radios, is ready for this future, introducing the new range of Audisse WiFi Internet Radios.

Audisse stands for the most advanced and complete portable radios, for all-round use at home, at work and at play. They offer the same unique robustness and reliability as Perfectpro jobsite radios, making them ‘tougher than the rest’. Audisse brings together all the latest in audio and radio technology with our expertise in sustainable ‘music tools’. The versatility of Audisse radios makes them unique all-round sound systems for all your music, wherever you are; @HOME @WORK @PLAY.

What else does WiFi Internet Radio offer you?