USB sticks & SD cards


The USBBOX 2, ROCKPRO 2 and ROCKHART are equipped with an USB-SD playback function. Which USB sticks and SD cards can be used?
These jobsite radio’s are supporting USB sticks and SD(HC)-cards from 16Mb to 32Gb. (SDXC cards are not supported).

The radio skips some of my MP3- or WMA-files. What am I doing wrong?
The radio only plays MP3- and WMA-files, other formats are not supported. MP3-files are supported from 16kbps to 320kbps. WMA-files are supported from 16kbps to 192kbps.

In certain cases a MP3- or WMA-file cannot be played on your jobsite radio, but the same file plays correctly on your PC or Laptop. In most cases this is because of a failure in the encoding (encoding is the process to convert an audio CD to MP3- or WMA-files) or in the extra file information (ID3 Tags) that are included in your file. This is not a problem with your jobsite radio.

When this occurs, try to convert your files again from CD with the above settings of MP3- or WMA-files, or contact the supplier of your MP3- or WMA-files which gives the problem.

There are MP3- and/or WMA-files on my USB stick or SD(HC)-card but on the screen appears “NO FILE” what am I doing wrong?
To read MP3- and WMA-files, the USB stick or SD card has to be formatted in the following file format:

Capacity from 16Mb to 32Mb -> FAT12
Capacity from 32Mb to 2Gb -> FAT16
Capacity from 2Gb to 32Gb -> FAT32

WARNING! Formatting deletes all files on the USB stick or SD card. Please make sure you have a working copy before starting the format.